Human Bard


Meeting the Professor:
After Anyanka fled the circus, she did all that she knew. She travelled. Relying on her charming looks, stunning voice and simple sweetness Anyanka could usually find herself hitched on the back of a wagon, in a warm enough bed and with companionship as she busked her way between cities. During said travels Anyanka found herself briefly in Ravengro, at this time she had grown tired of feeling the impending expiration of every relationship.

This is where Anyanka had met Professor Petros Lorrimor. Lorrimor was exceptionally kind to Anyanka, he was very interested in hearing her stories as a traveling performer. She shared these tails with enthusiasm, it seemed a rarity to her to have someone show her such kindness without expectations or manipulation in play.

Lorrimor provided Anyanka a place to stay during her time in Ravengro free of charge. With this Anyanka ventured very little into the town, finding herself for the first time in her life being able to enjoy her own company. When Anyanka said farewell to Professor Lorrimor, she thanked him sincerely, as Anyanka left a better more self-assured person to the shaken young woman she was when she first arrived.


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