Letters - From A after Feldgrau

I congratulate you on your success. You’ve made it through the Shudderwood, to Feldgrau, and dispatched my lieutenant, Auren Vrood. You might expect me to be angry at the loss of Vrood, and to a certain extent, I am— he was a talented servant, and the undead army he was seeking to raise in Feldgrau would have been of great utility to me. However, any anger I might feel regarding his loss is tempered by the fact that I, quite frankly, anticipated that loss from the start. Given the disruptions he had to cause as part of his tasks, the involvement of adventurers was a foreseeable consequence. Indeed, part of the reason I instructed him to remain in Feldgrau was so that his confrontation with you would occur there, to prevent you from simply dogging his steps all the way back to me. So, while I’m disappointed to lose Vrood as a servant, you need not fear my seeking you out to exact vengeance on his behalf.

Therefore, I suggest you take some time to enjoy yourselves, and reflect upon your successes. You’ve returned stability to the werewolf tribes and thwarted the designs of a vile necromancer. That’s more than most adventurers can claim to have accomplished, and you’ve certainly earned some relaxation. If one or two loose ends haven’t been completely tied up, then what of it? Surely that’s the nature of adventuring, and no-one can fault you for it.

But let me make one thing clear… in the event that you’re not content to rest on your laurels, know that I will no longer hold back. You performed impressively while cleaning up Vrood’s messes, but ultimately did nothing to interfere with my long-term plans. You’ve gotten closer and closer to doing so however, and if you continue to pursue me, I will not hesitate to destroy you rather than risk that occurring.

So that is the choice you have. Quit while you’re ahead, and live a life of leisure, or continue to oppose me, and ensure an early death. You seem to be moderately intelligent; I hope you are sensible enough to choose correctly.


Letters - From A after Feldgrau

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