Letters - From A after Harrowstone

To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this, then congratulations. The ghosts of Harrowstone have been banished, and you are in all likelihood the ones responsible. I am impressed by your victory; enough so to nearly eclipse the fact that I would much have preferred your quest to fail. Please don’t be offended by this; I have nothing against you personally, but I was rather looking forward to observing the unleashing of Harrowstone’s spirits, and the
resulting effects on Ravengro.

I suppose I should explain a few things. Firstly, as you may have already surmised, the previous visitors to Harrowstone, the ones whose actions precipitated the threat to Ravengro, were there at my behest. That being said, however, the endangerment of the town was in no way my, or their, intention. The mission they were there on was not of your concern; suffice it to say they accomplished their goals and departed, unaware of the potential consequences to the prison’s ghostly inhabitants. It was only while reviewing their actions that I realized the opportunity which they had accidentally unlocked— the chance to witness firsthand the spectral multitudes being freed of their shackles and, more than likely, claimingRavengro as a literal ghost town. I thought it unlikely that any of Ravengro’s inhabitants possessed the intellect to discern what was going on, or the skill to prevent it; yet knew that outside interference might still prevent the release of the spirits, hence this letter.

I want you to know that, had this spectral emancipation been my primary intent, I would have been most angry with you, and felt obligated to destroy you for your interference. Fortunately for you, my lost opportunity was an unlooked-for one, and hence my only emotion at its loss is mild disappointment. Therefore, I bear you no ill will, and indeed hope that, should our paths cross again, that our interests might be more aligned to each other. Your triumph in Harrowstone marks you as a cut above the verminous rabble who largely populate this world, and I would much prefer to know those of such potential as allies rather than foes. Still who can say what the future holds?

Best wishes,

Letters - From A after Harrowstone

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