Letters - From A after The Beast


How unexpectedly delightful to see you again! In the aftermath of my servants’ visit to Lepidstadt, I fully expected that some band of adventurers would seek to penetrate the Schloss, but I wouldn’t have dared hope that the band would be the same one from Ravengro.

You and your friends seem to have come upon some hard times of late, it is a shame. They looked to have such potential, yet alas they too have succumbed to the merciless grasp of the grave. Are you a learned man? As I watch you stumble forth through the world I do find myself considering the Ship of Theseus, is it really fair to say you are the same who set out from Ravengro when all your companions have either retired or fallen?

I must apologize for the difficulties you faced within the castle; the leader of my servants, one Auren Vrood, became incensed when his lover fell to one of Caromarc’s defenses, and took it upon himself, after concluding his business here, to augment those defenses in hopes of inflicting similar tragedy on those who would surely come later. Still, you overcame both Caromarc’s and Vrood’s safeguards in marvelous fashion, and your triumph over the Aberrant Promethean was truly impressive. For a second time I find myself congratulating you for your efficiency in dealing with the aftermath of a visitation from Vrood.

After examining the possibilities, I don’t believe that this second crossing of our paths was deliberate on your part. If I am correct (as I always am) then I urge you not to seek me out, but continue upon your own path until fate once again brings us into contact. Thus far, your actions have not hindered my plans or the activities of my servants; should that fact change, I’m afraid our relationship might become somewhat adversarial. Also, should you catch up to Vrood, it is highly likely that you would end up in conflict with him, thus depriving me either of a most useful servant or a most entertaining band of adventurers.

Perhaps later, once my plans have borne fruit, we shall meet each other face to face. Until then, I remain:

Letters - From A after The Beast

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